Meeting and Greeting!

Hello there and WELCOME to the brand spanking new Valley Pet Sitting blog!

It’s super fresh, and we’re hoping it will serve as good source of news, helpful tips and hints, and some sitter fun we have along the way. We welcome your comments, and are so excited to have this new outlet to share what happens along the way in this wild world of dog walks, pet sitting, and animal behavior.

I’ve been thinking about our first post, meeting you all, and introductions… what better way to lead in to talking about Meet and Greets?

Meet and Greets are often the first in-person experience you will have with Valley Pet Sitting! Whenever we have a new client think about setting up visits, we arrange for a complimentary 30 minute meet and greet with you, your animals, and your pet sitters. Most of the time, we send two sitters out to each meeting. This is so that between the two, we will almost always have someone ready that can help you out.

Our Meet and Greets are a complimentary consultation. Usually we book you for appointments over the phone, and arrange your meeting once we have your information and dates reserved. This is so that we know which sitters to send out to you, with availability when you’re going to need us! Sometimes, we have clients curious about sitters and want to set up this consultation without the commitment of booking. Hey, that’s cool too. No pressure, we want to win you over, and if meeting a couple Valley Pet Sitters ahead of time eases you in, we’re stoked to help. Just know that it helps to have some dates and times you’ll be needing pet sitters so we’ve got a good sense of who to send on over.

I’ve been on a whole lot of meet and greets myself, and while I hate to say I’m an expert, I pretty much am an expert 🙂 Before I was promoted to Valley Pet Sitting manager, I was THE full time pet sitter for the company, and prior to that, I was a full time dog walker in South Boston. I’ve met all sorts of clients and animals with all sorts of different needs.

I have some useful tips for a successful meet and greet with your new pet sitter, so you and your sitter feel fully prepared and comfortable at the end.

  • Make sure you have keys ready at this meeting! If you do not have keys ready at this meeting and we need to schedule an additional visit to pick up keys prior to the appointment, we may have to charge a small key pick-up fee to make sure our sitters are fairly paid for their time. We want to save you this extra fee, so it’s always best to be prepared at your meet and greet.
  • Test the keys ahead of time to make sure there were no mistakes made at Home Depot, or wherever the keys were cut. It’s best to hand these off immediately upon your sitters entering so you  don’t forget.
  • If you have a hide-a-key, coded entry, alarms, or other special entry instructions, show the sitters right away how to disarm the house and enter the property. If the door handle is tricky, you have a funky back door, anything like that, make sure you show your sitters so there is no confusion when they arrive for appointments.
  • Introduce your sitters to your furry family!! This is the most important step, we want to make sure everyone is familiar, sniffed out, and on friendly terms. If you have an animal with behavioral issues, anxiety, or any sort of attitude adjustments needed, this is your opportunity to show your sitters how to best approach them.
  • Show your sitters any training commands you need them to reinforce, if applicable.
  • After everyone has been introduced, show them around the house where all your animal equipment is located! Litter boxes, leashes, treats, food and bowls, toys, outside trash to ditch soiled litter, cleaning materials for accidents, all that good stuff.
  • Once all your animal care needs are addressed, show your petsitters any home-care needs you would like them to take care of. Plants you want watered, location of your mailbox, thermostat to adjust temperature, lights you would like changed, or even if you have a wine fridge that needs an eye on the temperature.
  • If your sitter is overnighting, show them where you would like them to sleep, bathroom with towels, any special info on the television or Wifi, or special amenities they may need to know more about. We always tell our sitters to only eat food if you offer it. If you want them to eat that casserole you made, or to help you out with that leftover pizza in the fridge, or even to have free reign over the pantry, just let them know. Otherwise, we’ll assume if not offered that it’s off limits.
  • If you have any Service Agreement or Veterinary Release paperwork ready, hand them off to one of your sitters.
  • Lastly, please do your best to take no more than the 30 minute appointment to go over everything. If you know you have a lot of needs to cover, make a list and try to go over everything as efficiently as possible. We schedule these meet and greets at no cost to you, and thus no cost to our pet sitters. Similarly, we book these appointments around our pet sitter’s very busy petsitting schedules, and they may have an important dog walk to get to immediately following your 30 minute meet and greet. So, please do your very best to keep the meeting at 30 minutes or under to make sure we don’t make our sitter late for their next appointment.

Our sitters are really spectacular, and are pretty great about helping you out on a meet and greet to make sure they have all the information they need. If you remember anything you may have forgotten, once your sitters have left, just email us. We have a nifty scheduler we use for all our clients, and we input all our client surveys into this system so that assigned sitters have everything they need when they visit your home. We’ll put all your notes into this system and make sure your sitters are fully aware of everything they should know!

Also, if you have any scheduling tweaks or requests to make, be sure you are directing those requests directly to the Valley Pet Sitting office through email so that we have a legitimate paper trail and nothing gets lost in the shuffle. Our sitters are awesome, but they don’t write the schedule, and we need to handle all booking requests through the office.

And that is my advice for making the most of your first face to face interaction with Valley Pet Sitting!! Don’t be overwhelmed, we send all of our new clients a New Client Survey where we ask all about the above care instructions. This meeting is just to make sure you and your furry family are comfortable, happy, tails are wagging, and keys are handed off.

Have a question for us regarding this blog post? Leave it in the comments! We look forward to having this forum to talk about the animals and clients we love so much.

Hope you’re all having a fantastical weekend in the Valley!

Teddy is all about high fives and handshakes.

Teddy is all about high fives and handshakes.




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