Anticipating “The Big One”


Natural Disaster preparedness

As residents in beautiful, mostly sunny California, we sometimes get spoiled by the spectacular weather and relative closeness of everything surrounding us. We do have to remember that although we are lucky enough to enjoy the breeze by the ocean, the mountain air, or the snow up in Big Bear, that eventually we will encounter an earthquake. There is a lot of debate about “The Big One” and when/ if it will happen, but regardless, it is always best to be prepared. Here are a few tips on preparing for and handing the aftermath of earthquakes as pet owners.

* Build an emergency kit. Your home should always have an emergency kit complete with food, water, and basic first aid supplies. Don’t forget that Fido and Fifi will need something to eat too! Especially if they have any special diets. It can help to also include copies of their veterinary records and medicines if possible.

* Always have your pet properly identified. Collars, tags, and microchips can aid in reuniting any lost pets after a natural disaster.

* Keep a medical record and current photo. Handing these out to shelters, local pet shops and other agencies can also help bring Fido home.

* If you’re out on a walk while an earthquake strikes, remember that your safety is priority. Your pup’s instincts will kick in and he will typically be the best one to care for himself. Once you are reunited, he will also need you there for him for comfort. Never try to restrict or restrain your pet, as being frightened may result in them biting so they may find themselves safety. Drop to the ground before you’re knocked over from the shaking, and crawl to an open area away from trees, power lines, and buildings.

* Don’t forget, with earthquakes come aftershocks. If you’re in your home, keep in mind that Fido and Fifi may need some extra comforting as you experience aftershocks.

* If your pet is lost after an earthquake, try putting up photos at local shelters, pet stores, or park bulletin boards. Also try joining a social media group for lost and found pets in your area. If they are found at a shelter, make sure to get them cleared through your vet before coming back home as they may have been exposed to infectious diseases.

It is hard to be prepared for a natural disaster, as they are unpredictable. All we can do it prepare as best we can and keep calm when one hits. What are some of the ways you have prepared you and your pets for a natural disaster such as an earthquake?

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