Older Pets Make Great Companions


When looking to add a member to your fur family it’s always tempting to look for a puppy or a kitten. And why not, they are cute, cuddly, small, trainable, seems like it would be a no brainer, right? Well what about the thousands of older animals that sit inside of shelters and rescues who need homes too? The ones who may not be quite as young but they are just as cute and will love just as much, if not more? Don’t those animals deserve a chance to come home with you too?

By adopting an older pet, you may save its life. In a shelter you never know how much longer an animal has to live. Shelters are low on space and cannot house that many animals, so when space runs out, unfortunately so does an animals time.

Older animals don’t require the same training that younger pets do. Sometimes older pets are already potty trained and will just need to be taught where to go. Older pets aren’t likely to chew on things and may not be destructive.
If you are looking for animals that are not as high energy as younger animals, older pets can be a good way to go too. Older animals that are already trained and don’t have that high puppy or kitten energy can make good companions for older people. They don’t require the same amount of attention that a younger animal might. An older pet will be more likely to sit contently with its owner and want to be pet and go for a walk when it’s time, making them wonderful pals.

People think that you can’t teach older dogs “tricks” but the reality is older dogs may already know basic commands such as “sit, “stay” or “give paw”. Also older pets have longer attention spans so they can learn easier and quicker.

With an adult animal you know what size pet you are getting. Sometimes with puppy’s people forget they get bigger or they are misguided on how big a pet is really going to get. With an adult animal there is no mistaking it, what you see is what you get.

The reality is the best part of adopting an older animal is you are not only saving a life but you are giving an animal a great home for the remainder of its life and gaining a loyal, loving companion in return. There is no greater feeling than that.

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