Moving with your Four Legged Friends


Moving can be an exciting time, yet the process can be stressful not only for us, but for our four legged family members. Pets, not only do they see the unusual chaos going on inside the home they know and love, they are brought into a strange environment that they do not recognize. Imagine their level of stress, I mean it’s not like we can simply explain to them what is happening…if only it were that simple. BUT there are certainly some helpful ways to help make our animal family’s transition easier.

During the actual move, keep pets in the quietest area of the house you can find, also, make sure to keep them confined. You don’t want your animals being any more stressed out than they already were while they were watching you pack up. Plus you definitely don’t want them getting out while any doors or windows are open. Running around looking for your animals in the streets is not something someone EVER wants to be doing let alone on moving day!

If you are moving far and will be taking a road trip, make sure to have health and vaccine records, a health certificate if going out of state, any medications your pet may need and plenty of food and water. Make sure to stop for potty breaks as well. Transport cats and small dogs in a carrier to keep them safe and secure. If you know your pet is prone to car sickness make sure to talk with your vet a few weeks prior to your trip.

In your new home make sure to have familiar things for your pet. Bed, toys, blanket, litter box, etc. you may be tempted to buy new things, but don’t. The environment is already going to be new so keep your pets’ items the same until he/she is acclimated. The more that is familiar, the better.

Consistency is key in a new home. Feeding time, bedtime, playtime, walks, all of these should happen at the same time every day, that way your pet knows what to expect each day. Start the routine on the very first morning in your new home. This includes a place to sleep and eat as well, stick to the same spot. It will give your pet a sense of security.

Update your pets tags and microchip once in your new home immediately with your new address and phone numbers. Your animal is not familiar with the new area, if he/she gets out on accident he/she won’t know where to go, so it’s really important to have current information on file.

No matter what, moving is going to have it’s ups and downs but the goal is to make it as stress free as possible for everyone involved especially your animal family. As long as you plan ahead, follow as many tips as possible and give them plenty of love along the way you should be just fine!

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