Fun New Year’s Resolution Ideas that Your Pets will Love!

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The year is almost over and it’s a perfect time to reflect on all that has happened in our lives. We often make promises to start the new year off fresh with goals we might have been putting off last year. It’s a wonderful thing to want to improve yourself or your lifestyle but we often forget that there is more we can improve than just ourselves. Our loyal pets would also benefit from some New Year’s resolutions. Below are just a few ideas of how our perfectly pampered pets can benefit from a fresh new start in a brand new year.

If your pet has been gradually packing on the pounds, right now is a perfect time to start their diets. But it doesn’t have to be a task to dread. As you may have seen in Garfield comics from the Sunday paper, most pets don’t enjoy dieting. But who says it has to be considered a diet? Give your pup some delicious carrots as treats instead of the usual wheat, meat and chemical filled treats. This simple swap can help regulate the digestive system and cause less discomfort for your pets. Taking your pups on just two more walks a week can also improve their health, muscle mass and increase the length of their lives. Buying a taller cat tree is a great way for cats to jump and use their climbing skills. And buying some new toys to increase their play can really improve their body and mind. All the additional cardio ensures your pets stay healthy and happy for many years to come.

Another wonderful New Year’s resolution idea is making sure your pet is checked out by the vets and is given a clean bill of health. Take your pets to their local vet and get them checked out. Knowing your pet is doing well is great and even if they are not well, working on getting them in better health can truly bond you closer to your pet. When an animal is sick, they might show signs of being lethargic and sluggish. Keep your pet healthy and happy this year, you will certainly see the difference and they will thank you for it.

Make sure your pets are stylish to bring in the new year. Get them groomed, consider a cute lion cut for your furry cat or have your dog freshly bathed. Everyone enjoys being pampered and clean. Some pets might have skin allergies or just general dry skin so it’s good to get them nice and clean. They will feel more comfortable and mellow during this no doubt exciting and yet hectic time of year. You can also style them up and buy them a new collar or a cute doggie sweater to keep those short hair breeds nice and warm.

There are so many ways that your pets can benefit some New Year’s resolutions. The key is to make it a fun experience for both parties involved. If you have a routine that you are sticking to, make sure your pets do the same. This co-op technique will help the both of you become the best you that you can be for the new year. And lets face it, having a partner share in your resolution can really help motivate you to continue on with it, even if that partner has four legs and is covered in fur. So go out there and show the world you are ready for a fresh new change with your best friend!


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