Keeping Christmas decorations safe from your pets

FullSizeRender.jpgThe holidays are a time of family and celebration. Being thankful for the gift of love and friendship, and appreciating all you have in your life. You can see the cheer on everyone’s face and also your pets are happy too! But how do you keep the cheer when you come home to a toppled over tree with a pet who’s expression says it all. “I know I messed up. I’m sorry.” You love them and your home being decorated so how do you make it work so you can all enjoy the festivities. 

Pets are very curious creatures and they enjoy checking out new things in their home. A large beautiful Christmas tree becomes an oversized climbing tree for your cats and a water dish for the dogs. The shiny ornaments are toys to them. And the lovingly draped garlands on your mantle and staircase turn into a fun pull rope in your dog’s eyes. So what do you do?

There are many ways on how to prevent those holiday mishaps from your beloved family pets and here is a few we came across that could help. For instance, if you have a small child, you probably already own a baby play yard. Play yards are great for keeping little ones in but also handy for keeping pets out. Assemble the play yard around your Christmas tree to keep cats and dogs away. It’s an easy solution and quick to build and take apart on Christmas day. And it also keeps eager kids from opening their gifts too early.

There is also the Skat Mat solution. Order a Skat Mat online and place it at the foot of the tree. The Skat Mat looks like a thin rug and gives of a light static charge when a pet gets too close. It also has various levels and settings depending on the size of pet you own. Light for kittens, Medium for adult cats and Hard for larger dogs. The Skat Mat is safe to use and gives off a slight uncomfortable feeling when stepped on, just enough to let your pets know they cannot come too close.

Most general stores also sell sprays that keep your pets away from those lovely decorations and we highly recommend all natural ingredients. The smell deters them from coming too close but make sure to read the ingredients first before buying. Some ingredients can stain fabrics and surfaces while others might smell too strongly. Always read reviews on products you buy and warning labels for your pets.

If your dog prefers the taste of your garlands to your tree, you can purchase NatureVet Bitter YUCK! No Chew spray. This water based, alcohol free spray is perfect for any surface and is not harmful to your pets. It works both indoors and outdoors as well as on your furniture and drapes. You can even spray it on hot spots, paws and tails if your pets enjoy licking or chewing on certain areas on their body. The spray does not stain, leaves no odor, and is easy to apply on any surface. And it’s made in the USA! Both cats and dogs will keep from biting when you use NatureVet spray.

No matter the ways you keep your home decked out in winter decorations, trust that your holiday gear will be safe with those helpful tips. Have a happy holiday!

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