Dogs aren’t color blind!

thumbnail_20170503_183811Many dog owners still believe that their best friend is color blind. This is a common misconception and we are here to tell you the truth about your dogs and their vision. Your pup is not color blind, however their range of colors is smaller than the spectrum in humans. They do not see in black and white as some movies and tv shows suggest but rather in limited selections of color such as yellow, violet and blue.

So just how do we know that dogs are slightly color blind? Well their eyes have rods and cones that process certain colors. Humans have three types of cones while our canine friends have only two. So to compensate for the lack of the third cone, their eyes have adjusted to see orange and green colors as yellow. So this means that dogs are not completely color blind. They are simply unable to view the whole spectrum of color surrounding them.

There are many other animals who are partially color blind. The list includes other pets like cats, who can see blues and greens but not red tones. There are many exotic animals who are affected as well. Nocturnal birds such as owls are partially color blind. Even reptiles such as turtles, aquatic animals and some wild animals are partially color blind. Deer are incapable of seeing the color orange.

For the most part, animals are not generally affected by their inability to process the entire spectrum of colors. Many species of which have adapted well enough not to have a need to rely on it. So as far as you cute little puppies and kitties go, it doesn’t bother them. Feel free to enjoy spending time with your pet knowing that they are very happy just to be with you.

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