How to adjust to older pets in your home


We all remember the day when we came back home with our new sweet little puppy or kitten! They had so much energy, loved to play, and it was a getting to know each other phase. Over the years, as your pup and kitty grew up well into adulthood, so did your bond. However we […]

What you need to know about owning and caring for exotic pets


Generally, most people tend to have cats and/or dogs in their home as pets. Yet there are plenty of other types of animals ready to be adopted and enjoyed by the whole family. When considering adopting a cute and unexpected new exotic friend, there may be a few things you should know before you bring […]

Tips for a Spring Hike with your Dog

Spring has finally come and with it, warmer weather. Southern California has reverted back to it’s sunny days which also means there will be an influx of hikers treading down those glorious winding Malibu paths that hug the shoreline. One of the most enjoyable hikes include walks with family members and your faithful companions. It’s a […]

How I chose the right pet for my family (and how I integrated current pets with my newborn!)

In November 2013, I came across two little kittens roaming the streets of Hollywood, one of which begging for a hot dog outside the DMV office. I had been wanting pets, specifically a cat since I typically didn’t spend enough time at home for a dog, and just didn’t have the space a dog needed. […]

Dogs aren’t color blind!

Many dog owners still believe that their best friend is color blind. This is a common misconception and we are here to tell you the truth about your dogs and their vision. Your pup is not color blind, however their range of colors is smaller than the spectrum in humans. They do not see in […]

A quick guide to puppy proofing your home

When you decide to adopt a dog, especially a puppy, you are agreeing to take on a large responsibility. Dogs in general require a lot of pet care and time so it’s important to understand what goes into bringing home a sweet little puppy. Many new pet owners will begin the process of visiting their local […]

Allergy friendly pets your family will love

It’s almost allergy season! Right now is a great time to stock up on your allergy medication as you will be needing it for all those fun outdoor trips coming up! According to the latest research, 15 percent of the population is allergic to cats and dogs. And although that might not seem like a […]

Fire safety for your pets and home

Baby, it’s cold outside! We all remember that song. It might not be snowing, but it sure can be chilly here in beautiful California at times. This is a great time to use that lovely fireplace or light some candles. But beware of the fire hazard it can bring when those curious pets come to see […]

Fun New Year’s Resolution Ideas that Your Pets will Love!

The year is almost over and it’s a perfect time to reflect on all that has happened in our lives. We often make promises to start the new year off fresh with goals we might have been putting off last year. It’s a wonderful thing to want to improve yourself or your lifestyle but we […]

Keeping Christmas decorations safe from your pets

The holidays are a time of family and celebration. Being thankful for the gift of love and friendship, and appreciating all you have in your life. You can see the cheer on everyone’s face and also your pets are happy too! But how do you keep the cheer when you come home to a toppled […]