Q. What is the best way to reach Valley Pet Sitting?
 Call our office at (818) 856-1366 or sending an email to valleypetsitting@hotmail.com are both great ways to contact us. If you want to speak with us right away, please call between the hours of 9am – 7pm and we will be happy to talk to you about how we can help with your custom pet care needs. For any booking requests we prefer email so we can get all the info we need to give you the best service.

Q. What services do you offer?
Private dog walking, cat and other small animal visits, in-home overnight sitting, pet bath, pet taxi to the groomer, home care, supply run, administering medication, hotel visits, yard pet waste removal and more. Special requests? No problem. Just let us know! In our visits for dogs, we include a 15-20 minute walk, fresh water, feeding if requested, treats, cleanup of pet accidents, playtime, and lots of attention pending the requested time (30/45/60 minutes). 

Q. What kind of pets do you care for?
Our sitters have a wide range of experience with virtually every kind of creature; from dogs and cats, to hamsters and rabbits, iguanas and turtles, to fish and frogs, pigs and snakes, chickens and various birds, and even horses! Just let us know if you have a special pet or unusual needs, and we will do our best to exceed your expectations.

Q. What areas do you service for dog walking and pet sitting?
We service all areas as far north as Thousand Oaks, and as far south as Van Nuys.
Particularly, we reach Woodland Hills, West Hills, Agoura Hills, Oak Park, Calabasas, Thousand Oaks, Bell Canyon, Canoga Park, Chatsworth, Encino, Hidden Hills, Northridge, Reseda, Granada Hills, Valley Village, Porter Ranch, Lake Balboa, North Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Tarzana, Van Nuys, Panorama City, Studio City, North Hills, Topanga, Westlake Village, and Winnetka.
If we don’t list your city, don’t hesitate to ask us!

Q. What days are you available to take care of my pet?
We provide dog walking and pet sitting services seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Q. Why is in-home pet care better then boarding my pet?
 Dogs and cats may have a good time socializing with other pets, but they do long for the comfort of their own environment with familiar sights, sounds, and smells. Sometimes a pet can suffer from separation anxiety, and have a stressful time in unfamiliar territory.  The client may also run the risk exposing their pet(s) to illnesses carried by other owners’ pets at the boarding facility, and/or getting into a fight with a more dominant animal who isn’t as friendly as your pet. There’s just no place like home!

Q. What happens if I have an urgent, last minute, or emergency requested visit? Do you accept those?
A. Yes! We will do everything we can to accommodate the needs of your pet if you are stuck somewhere due to delayed flights, late work meetings, etc. Valley Pet Sitting understands that this may happen. Please note that pending availability, we will try to accommodate your pet’s needs. However, last minute scheduling may not be available at the exact time your pet needs servicing, as we request a 2 hour window for the requested time, and a short notice fee may apply. If you do decide to hire Valley Pet Sitting, and we are unable to arrive at the requested time, don’t worry. We will do everything we can to ensure your pet is taken care of (and expect that potty messes may occur. We will just clean it up – like it never happened!). A small, last minute appointment fee may apply.

Q. How do you determine what time the sitter will pay visits to my pets?
Whether providing daily visits or midday dog walks to your pets, your sitter will aim to keep as close to your pet’s routines as possible. Just let Valley Pet Sitting know the 2 hour time range you prefer your appointment to take place. When you meet for your initial consultation, you will let your sitter know all you can about your pets’ normal activities, and they’ll do their very best to keep that same routine!
Q. When do I give a key to my pet sitter or dog walker?
Most clients give a key at the initial meet and greet consultation. If you are not able to do so, a charge of $15-$20 per set of keys for pick-up/drop (per round trip occurrence) or you can drop it off at our office in Woodland Hills at a set appointment time, unless other arrangements are worked out. It is a good idea to make 3 copies of the key ahead of time to give upon the consultation for multiple visit requests. It is vital that you ensure the duplicate key works properly, and we advise to test it first before handing it over to the sitter. One key will be securely kept at the office for emergency back up purposes, while the second and third key, if needed, is held with the pet sitters assigned.  

Q. What is your policy on pet sitting and dog walking when the weather affects visitations? 
 As long as the weather does not pose a threat to neither the sitter / dog walker and the pet(s) we will certainly stay on schedule to ensure proper care during scheduled visitations. It’s plausible that inclement weather (i.e. heavy rain causing hazardous road conditions) can potentially delay scheduled arrival times. We will do everything we can to keep both your pets and the assigned sitters safe. When such weather conditions (including extreme heat) occur please understand that your dog’s walk may greatly be shortened to only allow for a quick potty break. However the sitter will still stay with your pet(s) for the duration of the scheduled visit inside the safety and comfort of your home. Extreme heat is the leading cause for strokes and heat exhaustion among pets that stay outside for too long. We will avoid that by taking the client’s dog(s) on a potty break, instead of his or her normal longer walk.  

Q. I live in a secured community with gates. Do I have to give a code to the sitter?
 Yes. If the client lives in a gated community it is required that a gate code and/or a remote access device is given to our office and the sitter for timely entry during requested visits. If the client only has one remote access device, please make arrangements with the sitter to discuss the usage of it during the times needed. It is advised to obtain a second remote to give to the sitter if arrangements are made for repeated visits.

Q. Where do you walk my dog(s)?
We walk each client’s dog(s) in the comfort and safety of your own neighborhood. We do not gather dogs from different clients and walk them at the same time. We do not take the client’s dog(s) to the local dog park for the safety of your pet. We believe and take pride that our attention of each client’s pet(s) should be focused solely on him/her.

Q. Do your dog walkers take my dog(s) off-leash during their walk?
No. We do not walk dogs off leash. We do this for their safety.

Q. If I book your services but decide that I do not need it when you’re ready to service me due to my plans changing, what sort of fees am I responsible for paying?
 We respectfully ask that all of our clients let us know by 7am for same day drop in service. If a same day drop in visit is cancelled after 7am, we will charge for the full amount of the visit. If an overnight is booked, 7 days notice is required. If an overnight is cancelled with less than 7 days notice, a 50% cancellation fee will apply. This also will apply if you, the client, decide to come home from your travels early. Please understand that our goal is to service all clients requesting care in their homes. If we book you, then you are essentially reserving time slots throughout the day that other clients aren’t able to reserve. We go on a first come first serve basis. Our sitters may change their personal schedules or family commitments in order to be present for an overnight or drop in appointment, and if a cancellation fee applies, understand that it is to fairly compensate our pet sitters for the time they reserved.

Q. My cat is primarily indoors, and only goes outside when I’m home. Will you let my cat out when you are visiting?  
 Due to safety concerns of your beloved cat, your cat will remain indoors for the duration of all visits made. Your cat may be absolutely obedient when you call him/her, but because we are not their primary pet parent we do not want to take the risk of him/her running off. 

Q. My cat is both an indoor and outdoor cat, which my cat has access to with a pet door. Will you allow my cat to go outside while you are taking care of him/her? 
 Yes, however we cannot control what your cat does while your cat is outside. If your cat does not come when being called while the sitter is visiting, Valley Pet Sitting is not responsible and will not be held liable if your cat does not return home. Please consider keeping Fifi indoors and provide a cat litter box for him/her to use while you are away. This is for your cat’s safety.

Q. What kind of time frame do you need for our scheduled dog walking or pet sitting visits? Do you come at an exact time?
We ask for a minimum of a two hour window for our sitter to arrive for their visit (i.e. scheduled time is 1pm, window of arrival time may be between 12pm-2pm).

Q. May I give my sitter or dog walker a gratuity?
Absolutely, and it is much appreciated! Our sitters work hard to go above and beyond, and it means a lot to them when they are rewarded for their efforts. You can give gratuities directly to the sitter or dog walker via cash or check. You may also request that we add a gratuity to your card at the end of your scheduled visits.

Q. What kind of information do you need from me if I call and reach the Valley Pet Sitting voicemail, or if I send an email? How often do you check your messages?
We check our voicemail and email messages constantly throughout the day. If you don’t reach us directly, please know that we will return your call or reply to your email as soon as possible, and either are on the other line with a client or petsitter, or we are out in the “field”, so to speak 🙂 Please leave a detailed message with your dates of travel or which days you are interested in having weekly dog walking service. Include the city where you live, and any other important pet care information we might need to better assist when we get back to you. Also, please be sure to let us know the best phone number(s) to reach you. We return ALL of our calls and emails, even if we are not able to help you with your specific request. It is best and fastest to email us your booking request so we can have all the info ready and make sure you are all set with your sitter.

Q. Is the information I give to my sitter confidential?
Yes. Valley Pet Sitting is committed to keeping all information we receive from our clients and staff confidential, and will not disclose any of your personal information including your mailing address, phone numbers, and email address. We will only use your information as a means to take good care of your pets and home while you are away. All of our pet sitters have signed Privacy Agreements, and are background checked.

Q. Will I get the same sitter each time I am away?

A. We prefer to keep the continuity of the same sitter with the same pets and will do everything possible to make that happen for additional trip requests. If the sitter is not available, then a substitute sitter will be available. Should a different sitter be providing you with pet sitting services, we can have your regular sitter train them on the entire routine, or set up a complimentary meet and greet to go over any information.

Q. Will you take care of my pets without meeting the sitter?
 We are able to do so, if you like, but we are also happy to meet you and your animals prior to starting our services. 

Q. I have never used an overnight pet sitter in my home. Can you tell me how this service works?
  Our overnights start between 5-6pm and end at 8am each morning. Our sitters are allowed to take a brief dinner break, but must be in for the night by 9pm. On these overnights, we will do everything you would to keep with your animals routines, including dog walks, feedings, fresh water, and having your animal sleep wherever you would. If you would like a midday walk or additional time spent with your pet(s) during the day time, we will schedule an additional midday walk accordingly as a drop in visit of 30, 45, or 60 minutes, whichever you request. Please contact Valley Pet Sitting to discuss your specific needs and dates. We are 100% committed to providing the best care for your pet(s) and home while you are away. We will leave your home orderly for your return, which includes mail and newspaper retrieval.

Q. Can I have an overnight sitter stay at my residence if there are other family members or people staying there at the same time?
No. Due to liability issues, Valley Pet Sitting cannot provide overnight pet sitting services if there are other family members or room-mates in your residence at the time of the overnight stay. There are NO exceptions to this rule. It is for our sitter’s safety and privacy. We can offer drop in visits throughout the day if someone is there as another option. 

Q. Do you board dogs in your staff member’s homes?
No. We do not offer boarding services in our own homes, and do not have a boarding facility. All of our care takes place at our client’s residence.

Q. Do you need us to contact Valley Pet Sitting when we return from our travels?
Please contact us when you return home so we are sure you arrived safe and well. You may do so by phone, email or text. All our contact information will be provided to you at the consultation. Should your return be delayed or extended, please let us know ASAP so we may coordinate to extend your stay.

Q. What kind of notice do you need for our pet sitting and overnight reservations?
A. In order for us to guarantee our availability for your usual sitter or an alternate, please give us as much notice as possible and make sure to get a confirmation email back from us that you are all set. Keep in mind the holiday season is always the busiest and our sitters book up very quickly.

Q. How are late returns handled for overnight stays?
If you need a sitter to come for another visit because you are returning late at night, and need us to return in the late afternoon or evening, these will be booked as a 30, 45, or 60 minute visit and scheduled with the usual 2 hour window for arrival time, depending on your request. A small, last minute appointment fee may apply if it is a last minute request.

Q. How is payment handled?
We bill at the end of each week for the prior week of services rendered. We will never charge a credit card for visits that have not yet occurred.

Q. What type of payments do you accept?
We accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover), and will acquire this number from you when booking. 

Q. Do you charge a holiday fee?
There is an additional fee over all the major National and religious holidays (President’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Day, New Year’s Eve & Day). Valley Pet Sitting will let you know of the applicable fees when you book your service. This is a way for us to reward the sitters and dog walkers who are giving their holiday time to work for you with Valley Pet Sitting on those days.

Q. Can you administer medication to my animals while I am away?
Yes. As long as you let us know of your pet’s individual needs when you first contact us, we can provide you with the proper staff member who is able to administer medications, as long as your pets do not pose a threat to the sitter. Additional fees may apply for injections, IVs, or other requests outside of the usual oral method.

Q. Can you provide references?
The fastest way to get the opinions of our clients is to check out our Yelp page! http://www.yelp.com/biz/valley-pet-sitting-woodland-hls Our sitters come with glowing references from many satisfied clients. 

Q. How do I know how the visit went, and everything that happened with my animals?
A. We will email you a detailed status report of the entire experience after each visit. For in-home overnights, we will email a detailed report in both the evening and the morning. Pictures and videos will be sent as well!