Our Team

Shira Winitzky


Hi! I’m Shira Winitzky, the owner of Valley Pet Sitting. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved animals. In fact, since I didn’t have any dogs of my own at the time, I would go door to door around my Woodland Hills neighborhood, offering dog walks. Growing up in the Valley, I would take care of homes, horses, and animals of all kind. I graduated in 2002 from San Diego State, with a Bachelor’s in Marketing, and following that I worked a corporate desk job for years. In 2010, I decided to risk it all and start my own Pet Sitting business. I’ve always loved to help people, and always admired the connection between pets and people, so I thought what a better way to help than to care for people’s homes and animals while they were on vacation? I started small, with only 5 clients and myself as the sole pet sitter.

Then, as the demand increased and business picked up, I hired some office managers to help with new clients, screening and training them carefully to be as thoughtful, loving, and committed to them as I am. Now with hundreds of clients added to our VPS family, and a service area spanning throughout Thousand Oaks and the San Fernando Valley, I can proudly say that my dreams for Valley Pet Sitting have come true! I will never forget where we came from, and this vision has carried forth in my business practice: to treat every client as though they are our only client!! We look forward to working with you, loving your animals as though they are our own, and showing you what makes us special.