Our Team

Shira Winitzky

SHIRA WINITZKY Hi! I’m Shira Winitzky, the owner of Valley Pet Sitting. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved animals. In fact, since I didn’t have any dogs of my own at the time, I would go door to door around my Woodland Hills neighborhood, offering dog walks. Growing up in the Valley, I would take care of homes, horses, and animals of all kind. I graduated in 2002 from San Diego State, with a Bachelor’s in Marketing, and following that I worked a corporate desk job for years. In 2010, I decided to risk it all and start my own Pet Sitting business. I’ve always loved to help people, and I thought what better way than to care for people’s homes and animals while they were on vacation? I started small, with only 5 clients and myself as the sole pet sitter. Then, as the demand increased and business picked up, I hired some team members to help, screening and training them carefully to be as thoughtful, loving, and committed to their clients as I was. Now, with over 20 Valley Pet Sitters, hundreds of clients, and a service area spanning Thousand Oaks to Van Nuys, Chatsworth, Northridge and Granada Hills, I can proudly say that my dreams for Valley Pet Sitting have come true! I will never forget where we came from, and this vision has carried forth in my business practice: to treat every client as though they are our only client!! We look forward to working with you, loving your animals as though they are our own, and showing you what makes us special.      


Jilliann is 29 years old and has loved animals her entire life. She grew up in the valley with dogs, birds, hamsters and fish.  In 2011 she decided to join Animal Behavior College to become a dog trainer, and finished in late 2012. She has been taking care of animals for friends and family for many years. She has 5 cats and 3 dogs as well as 1 lizard. Jilliann lives by the philosophy: Treat all animals as if they are your own.


Sophia was born and raised in Los Angeles, and knows the city well. She is focusing on getting her degree in either psychology or child development. Growing up, she would always dogsit, and walk all of her friend’s and neighbor’s animals. Her family has always had a jungle of animals, from birds to snakes to fish to guinea pigs, and of course, dogs and cats. She is responsible and caring, and looks forward to meeting your pets!


Dalton is a recent graduate of Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. While there, he became known around campus as Dickinson’s resident “squirrel whisperer,” to the point that he was interviewed by the school newspaper (the article can be found here). He has lived with animals all his life and currently resides in the San Fernando Valley with his two cats, Banks and The Kitten, whom he intends to designate as Best Man and Ringbearer at his wedding, respectively. Dalton


Areli is currently living in LA and is looking into relocating back to the area. She loves and enjoys being with all type of animals, especially dogs. Either big or small she treats them all like her baby. She enjoys working with energetic pets who love to play, as much as she likes spending time with a more laid-back pet and making them happy. She is patient and caring, and has been surrounded by dogs for 14 years now since her first Rottweiler in 2002 to her now 7 month old Beagle mixed pup. She looks forward to building a relationship and bonding with new pets.



Patricia was born and raised in New Mexico. She has always taken great joy in caring for animals. She feels like she connects with animals more than people sometimes. Patricia grew up with house cats and took care of many strays in the neighborhood. You can call her a cat lady, but she always has to stop and pet a dog when she sees one. She has fostered cats as well as been a dog walker for quite some time, and loves the friendship and happiness animals bring to people and the strong bonds we have with them. Her goal in life is to be an animal caretaker. She enjoys all animals and believe they deserve all the love and care we can give.


Christopher is a student studying English in order to pursue a career in education. From an early age, he expressed a love for all kinds of animals but had a special place in his heart for dogs. Christopher’s experience caring for animals began at an early age with his first dog, a Pug named Buzz. He has cared for hundreds of animals since then, fostering dozens of dogs for local animal shelters, and taking care of his own dogs, cats, hamsters, and turtles throughout his life. Christopher prides himself on being punctual, attentive, and dedicated.

Jordan Z

Jordan has had a love for all things animal related ever since he was young. Although born in Canada, he spent most of his younger years in Europe, growing up in Switzerland. However, he has now lived in Ventura County for 14 years and currently works as a Home Health Aide caring for Seniors. He has two dogs, Newman a French Bulldog and Dougie a Teacup Shih-Tzu. Jordan has worked in several sectors of the pet care industry, and previously worked as Kennel Technician for a high end pet hotel. In his work, Jordan continues to find great satisfaction and joy, caring for both people and pets. His priority is to provide your furry, feathered, or scaled companions with love and top quality care.


Aissa is a Southern California native and a graduate of UC Irvine. She comes from a family of animal lovers and has had dogs her entire life. She remembers her first pet, a Doberman Pinscher. She currently has three dogs and considers them her best friends. In her free time she enjoys cooking and travel. She is comfortable working with animals of all sizes and breeds. She is kindhearted, responsible, and looks forward to caring for your pets!


Sara was born and raised in Iowa, and grew up loving all animals.  Since she was a young girl, she knew she wanted to help and take care of them.  Her parents saw she was happiest being around animals, and would take her to a family friend’s farm to spend the day playing with their dogs and cats, and help feed the chickens and ducks.  When she turned 13, her parents surprised her with a toy poodle named Teddy. When she made the decision to move to California, she brought Teddy with her.  He is now 10 years old and is diagnosed with diabetes.  She learned how to use a syringe to give him his insulin everyday, and makes sure he stays on a healthy diet.


 Karina is a Greek-American active girl who adores animals! She owned dogs since she can remember herself (Golden retriever, Labrador and 4 mixed-breed dogs) and currently lives with 8 cats and 3 chickens. Karina has accommodated chickens, ducks, and goldfish for many years with her family. While she was a student in Greece, she would take care of stray dogs and cats and after taking them at the vet, and find them a loving  home. Since she moved in LA she has been dog sitting/walking regularly.


Ayelette has a deep respect and love for all animals and her goal is to give your pets the same attention, admiration, and care that you give them. She grew up with several birds – an African Grey, a Cockatoo, Cockatiels, and Parakeets – small mammals – a guinea pig and hamsters – and fish. As an adult, she cared for her mom’s dogs and has adopted several cats. She also spent two years volunteering at a Wildlife Rescue organization, caring for sick and injured reptiles, birds, and small mammals. Ayelette is an actor who started her career as an attorney, and understands the importance of clear and responsive communication, reliability, and attention to detail. She appreciates the trust you are putting in her, and will do everything she can to make sure your animals feel as comfortable and loved as possible.


Savannah is a passionate animal lover, and has grown up with animals all her life. Savannah has experience caring for dogs, cats, birds, fish, turtles, bunnies, and snakes. She currently lives with 3 dogs, a cat, and a bird. Along with her love of animals, Savannah enjoys working with children, and currently coaches gymnastics for children ages 3-12. Savannah is passionate about all aspects of health and is currently working on becoming certified in holistic nutrition and yoga. She enjoys going for walks, practicing yoga, cooking healthy recipes, and cuddling, playing, and going on adventures with her animals. Savannah believes that every animal is a unique individual who deserves love, respect and happiness. Her hope is to one day run an Animal Sanctuary and Rescue, specializing in rescue animals in the fur and agriculture industry.


Keren was born in Israel and moved with her family to California about 9 years ago. She loved animals from a very young age and was always passionate about making them happy. She has grown up with a dog named Shishi for the past 15 years! She took care of her daily and started to love taking care of animals of all kind. Keren has been pet sitting and dog walking for the past five years now! She treats every animal with as much love and care as if they were her own!


Stephen has always had a love of animals, he works as a foster for Best Friends Animal Society and has a small zoo of his own at his house 2 dogs, 2 cats, 3 birds 7 turtles, a lot more reptiles, 12 fish tanks salt and fresh water, and a bunch of small mammals. He has taken classes in herpetology, zoology, and animal nutrition. Every day Stephen is excited to learn more and care about animals and he would love to share that excitement with your pets.


Yasaman was born and raised in Woodland Hills for all 18 years of her life. Ever since then, she has owned a dog, a cat, two conures, two finches, a hamster, and even her own freshwater aquarium. She is currently a student at Pierce College majoring in Animal Biology in hopes of attending a Veterinary school to become a Veterinarian. Yasaman has also been vegan for one year after being vegetarian for four because of her compassion towards animals. She currently only has one dog and enjoys taking her on walks everyday, as well as spending time with her. She likes all types of animals and can’t wait to meet yours!



Ty just moved here from Kailua, Oahu and he’s always had a love for animals. Ty’s experience with animals started early growing up in a house with a total of 4 dogs, 3 cats, 12 mice, 2 birds, a chinchilla, and a lot of fish. He’s also taken care of a few animals around the neighborhood he grew up in. When Ty’s not spending time with animals, he enjoys going to the beach, hiking, camping, and playing volleyball. He also has a natural skill of being able to handle the grumpiest of animals!



Aryana was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley and attends Pierce College at the moment, persusing her career towards a degree in animal behaviorism. Since a young age, Aryana has had a strong passion working with animals and has had many experiences taking care of different animals including cats, dogs, fish, rabbits, barn animals, frogs, parrots…you name it! She also has volunteered at shelters as well as rescue groups in recent years. Aryana currently has a loving feline companion named Milo, whom she saved when he was only a few weeks old. She looks forward to meeting and taking care of your pet!


Ayaka is 25 years old and currently working on her teaching credential at CSUN to become an elementary school teacher. She is a HUGE fan of all animals, and she’d like to think they love her too! She would love nothing more than to spend all of her time rolling around with cats, dogs, rabbits, pigs, lizards, snakes, chickens- whatever comes her way! Every pet deserves a clean environment, and she would not mind being their personal cleaning lady, if it meant she could spend time with these animals. 🙂

Sarah R

Growing up with her dog Shadow, Sarah was given the responsibility to care for her pup exclusively, which sparked her interest in animals and opened up a lifelong love for all furry friends! After high school, Sarah worked multiple animal daycare jobs and work became fun, not a chore. Going into college, Sarah realized that she wanted to work with animals as a permanent career, and is majoring in zoology at Moorpark College. She will get to know your pet’s personality and make sure they are well cared for. She is dedicated, and she can’t wait to meet you! 


Carmen is studying to be a special education elementary school teacher. Her love for children and animals go hand in hand. She currently owns two cats and a dog. She has plenty of petsitting experience with Valley Pet Sitting, is a pet lover, and enjoys their company greatly. Although Carmen is small in stature, she has a great big heart, and has been known to walk Rottweilers and Pit Bulls! Carmen is a sweetheart, giving much love and attention to every visit, no matter what type of animal.



Tesia has lived in Woodland Hills for 18 years. She is currently a Pre-Veterinary Medicine student. She also works part-time at an emergency and specialty animal hospital. She has had a passion for animals her whole life, and by extension has been a vegetarian for 8 years. Tesia will give all your pets the love and attention they deserve.



Diana is currently studying animal science at Pierce College. She has always owned animals that ranged from bunnies to dogs, has volunteered with horses, and currently has 2 dogs, one Chihuahua and one black and tan Coonhound. She has a big passion for animals, as well as making art.



Danny is currently studying at Pierce College to transfer to UC Davis for Food Science and sustainable agriculture. She used to cook professionally and finding food based solutions for a growing population is very important to her. All living beings deserve access to clean food and water. Dani and her mother would make their own food for their animals out of wholesome organic veggies, rice, and proteins. She also grew up hanging out at Chatsw0rth Animal Hospital, as her step-father used to own it! She loves animals of all kinds, and will treat your amigo like her amigo, with all the love and respect she can muster.



Christy has been an animal lover all her life, and was lucky enough to have parents allowing her to have any kind of pet imaginable. She grew up having turtles, fish, hamsters, guinea pigs, birds, snakes, and rats. She loved and care for every single one of them, and it made her childhood happy and complete. She looks forward to helping you with your own pets!

Samantha M

Samantha McCullough moved to Los Angeles 11 years ago as a young actress. That slowly grew its way into writing, music, and the arts. As a child she growing up in West Texas living on a ranch, she was surrounded by animals and grew passionate about them. She took that passion with her to CA by continuing horseback riding, and working as an Aquatics Specialist at Petco and caring for all the fish as well as small animals, birds, and reptiles at the store. At home she has 2 dogs and a rabbit, for now – always adding to the family!


Cynthia is a psychology major at CSUN and will be graduating next year with a Bachelor’s degree. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, playing the guitar, watching movies, and reading. She has grown up with animals all her life and owned 3 cats, 4 dogs, a snake, a hamster, and fish. Caring for others’ pets is something she finds therapeutic and fun. She absolutely adores the company of pets and is looking forward to meeting your lovable animal.


Nanci is 20 years old and plans to become a veterinarian. She has a passion for animals big or small always treating every animal with love and compassion. She has already dog sit for some of her neighbors pets, including her own family pets. She also knows how to trim dogs nails and clean out their glands. She plan next year to get her license in pet grooming  as well. She is doing has much as she can to get involved with animals. She might be a bit timid at first, but very easily opens up to start a conversation with anyone.


Hanah has had dogs and other animals all of her life. She is currently attending college and taking care of her two dogs (Lola and Charlie), fish, a snake, and a new addition to the family, a kitty! She does not believe in breed discrimination and loves all dogs of all shapes and sizes. Hanah grew up with two loving and goofy pitbulls that showed her nothing but love and kisses! She loves taking care of animals and it just makes her day that much better! She cannot wait to further her life loving and caring for as many animals as she can! 


Alex is a student at Cal State Northridge majoring in Economics. She adores animals, and has experience caring for a wide variety- cats, dogs, hamsters, fish… even chickens and horses! At home, she enjoys the company of her beautiful rescue cat, Penelope. Alex is thrilled for the opportunity to watch over your precious pets, because the only things better than animal loving people are the animals themselves.


Nimi is a twenty-one year old college student living in Woodland Hills, who enjoys working with animals. Nimi’s experience with animals started with raising and training his own dog when he was just nine years old. Throughout his life, Nimi was able to gain more experience with animals when he was given the job of walking neighborhood dogs and entrusted with providing care for other types of animals at neighbors’ homes while they vacationed. Animals included cats, hamsters, rabbits and even birds. Nimi also volunteered his family to be a foster family for a dog rescue group. Some of these wonderful creatures were unfortunately sick and required medications, and constant care. Others suffered from separation anxiety. Nimi was responsible for all the fosters dogs’ care and rehabilitation while they waited to be adopted.


Drew grew up in the West Valley caring for his two dogs Rufus and Lulu, as well as pet fish and hamsters. He realizes the extra attention and care mean all the world to the animals. He loves his pets and treats all animals like family. Drew is heading to Moorpark college in the fall and is excited to devote his time to taking care of animals.



Bruce loves to spend his time playing instruments and visiting animal shelters for fun. He shares an equal amount of love for all creatures and people. He has been raising his cat, Ozzy, since he was 8 years old,  and they are truly the best of friends. He also has 2 other dogs he and his family raise together, Bella and Lola. Bruce believes he can find a good connection in all animals, even the feisty ones, for he knows that even some good connections take time. 

His goal is to eventually take off in the music business, but his love for animals is another strong passion that he has. He also enjoys spending time with his amazing friends, family, and pets of course. Bruce is truly thrilled to have the title of being a pet sitter, and hopes he can make new friends with ALL animals and their owners everywhere!


Ashley is in her final year of the credential program at Cal State University of Northridge to become a secondary English teacher. Growing up in the Los Angeles area she has spent her whole life surrounded by animals owning 4 dogs, 3 cats and 1 turtle. Having a passion and love for animals Ashley strives to offer your pets the best caregiving experience. She makes a promise to offer the same care, love and helpfulness to your pets as she does to her students.



Megan was born and raised in Ventura County and has found her passion with animals. She is currently in the process of enrolling at the Animal Behavior College to start a career as a vet assistant. She currently has 2 dogs and a cat that she loves and takes care of as well as pet sitting friends, family and neighbors animals most weekends. She has experience in dog obedience training that she learned from her mother who had a side career in dog training. She is looking forward to meeting your animals and meeting your needs.

Jordan S

Jordan is 20 years old, currently studying at Moorpark college. Pet sitting for friends, family, and clients has been something that he has done for years. He has a passion for animals, owning and caring for everything from reptiles and birds to dogs, cats, and rabbits. Jordan is very responsible and punctual, always delivering medicine on time and making sure the pets he cares for are well taken care of.


Sam S

Ever since Sam was a little girl, she’s always had a strong love for animals. She currently lives with her family and their four rescue dogs including her Jack Russell mix named Charlie (who is usually dressed up in her favorite unicorn costume). Having animals in her household her entire life has taught her how to give the care and compassion they need. She is extremely passionate about travel, being in the water (whether it be in the pool for swim practice or in the ocean scuba diving), environmental issue,s and making sure animals of all shapes and sizes, wild or tame, are treated with the love and respect they deserve. After just recently receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Business & Nonprofit Communication from Cal State Channel Islands, she is hoping to soon work for an environmental or animal related nonprofit. 


While working at both a CA state park that allows dogs on trails, and as a kennel attendant, Laura has always gone out of her way to make sure that the animals in her care are happy and safe. Numerous times she has relocated venomous snakes away from highly populated areas to protect guest and their pets. While volunteering at the Agoura Hills Animal Shelter, and working as a kennel attendant, she learned how to administer medications to dogs, various training techniques, and how to read animal body language. She also has experience caring for cats, snakes, fish, and lizards.

Laura’s first love in this world was her dog of 15 years. She trained him to sit, stay, walk well on a leash, play hide and seek, and how to follow her bike to name a few. She even trained her parent’s slightly older dog who had some trust problems. She would love to help other people and animals find the same level of true friendship, and trust that formed between her family and their pets.