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Beat the Summer Heat

The thermometer has been hitting triple digits already and it’s not even July! We know how to cool ourselves off during this hot weather but it is not as easy for our four legged friends, so it is up to us to help them. Here are a few helpful tips to ensure that our animals […]

Keeping Your Dog Safe During a Walk

People LOVE to get outside with their fur family and getting outside to walk is great exercise for both you and your dog, BUT with great fun comes great responsibility!!! There are a few safety tips to always keep in mind when you troll around town with Trixie! *Start slow.  Start with short walks and […]

Anticipating “The Big One”

Natural Disaster preparedness As residents in beautiful, mostly sunny California, we sometimes get spoiled by the spectacular weather and relative closeness of everything surrounding us. We do have to remember that although we are lucky enough to enjoy the breeze by the ocean, the mountain air, or the snow up in Big Bear, that eventually […]