“Shira and her team do a great job taking care of my pups. I’ve noticed that every time my dogs meet one of her sitters, they immediately fall in love with them. Valley Pet Sitting has been very flexible and they make every effort to meet my last minute requests for someone to walk or stay with my dogs.  Also love the fact that I get regular updates and pics when they are taking care of them so I know how things are going. The prices are very reasonable. 5 star service!”
-Ella G., Woodland Hills 2013

“I just came back from a two week trip and Valley Pet Sitting saved the day!  I found out a few weeks prior to my trip that the pet sitter I’ve used in the past could not sit for this trip.  I was really worried and located Valley Pet Sitting through all of the positive remarks in Yelp. I sent an email and just a few minutes later (I sent it at night, after business hours I might add) I received an immediate response back. That was just the beginning of the great experience to come. Shira and Jess are extremely professional.  Sandra was my pet sitter and she was awesome.  She not only gave the kitties fresh food and water everyday, she also took care of the liter, threw out the remains of the liter and food, and even watered my plants!  I stopped my mail from coming, otherwise she would have taken in the mail too.
During my trip I received daily updates, photos, and even videos.  It really made me feel much better knowing that they were in such good hands. My one kitty made a bit of a mess, but Sandra took care of that with no problem.  I came home to a clean house, clean liter, and happy cats. I will use this service for all of my trips in the future – I travel quite a lot. I highly recommend them. I am very impressed by their professional approach, billing (I used credit card and was billed on a weekly basis), prompt replies, the updates (videos and pictures), and just overall pride in the job and love for animals.  They are prepared for everything.  The whole team completely exceeded my expectations and I am over the moon I found them.” -Donna C., Woodland Hills 2014

“Dear Human Reading This Screen,
My name is Queen Bug, and I am the world’s most regal, amazing, beautiful, fluffiest cat. My humans leave me from time to time (good riddance to the lady of the house who claims SHE is the queen. I know better), but I never worry because the staff of Valley Pet Sitting are always there to be royal subjects in my kingdom. They always feed me on time, they scoop my poop (mwahahahaha!), and they only take pictures of my good side…which is every side, just so you know. I hear that they then email my human slaves my photos to admire and adore.
I love the staff of the Kingdom of the Valley of Pet Sitting. Madame Shira is simply wonderful and always makes sure I have the very best in care and love. Now where is my mouse? I must go play with my mouse on a stick. Signed, The royalest of felines, the queen of the clowder, Her Majesty Bug ” -Kirsten S., Oak Park 2015

All I have to say if you are looking for a pet sitter, Valley Pet Sitting is by far the agency you should definitely use!!!! We just returned from a vacation which unexpectedly was extended an entire week due to a medical emergency. Valley Pet Sitting cared for our cat and our apartment with the highest level of care!!!! Their daily communication emails and pictures let you know how much they care for your pet, but also their prompt interaction via text or email if there are additional questions or assistance you need for them is unparalleled!!!! I can’t say enough about Valley Pet Sitting!!!! They are THE BEST!!!!! – Jennifer M., Northridge 2016

I love Valley Pet Sitting. Been using them for a few years now. They are always responsive, even on very short notice. The sitters are responsive and take care of your pets with the utmost sincerity and are very respectful of your home. I couldn’t recommend these guys highly enough. The only problem with them being this good is that I know they’ll expand and get more in demand… but that’s a selfish thought, you guys rock!! Thanks for all your help! – Michael A., Encino 2017

Absolutely amazing! They take excellent care of all your pets, send you e-mail and photos to keep you in the loop. They are flexible, giving you choices about how often they visit, and are respectful of your home. They are helpful, organized and reliable. I was so stress free because of the care they gave my fur babies. I have three cats, a very ornery dog and a parrot. They not only cleaned the cat box, they also took it to the outside garbage so the house did not smell. They also played with my dog and gave him lots of loving. I highly recommend them to anyone needing pet care. – Karen S., Winnetka 2017

For a complete list of Valley Pet Sitting testimonials and first-hand experiences, be sure to check out our Yelp!